3 Top Tips for AV Resellers to Sell More Digital Signage

Armagard’s digital signage business dealings, in part, involve AV resellers and because there has been a significant rise in digital signage-related activity across the Pro AV sector we’ve put together three top tips that will help AV resellers sell more digital signage…

Sell More Digital Signage Tips

Top Tip #1 – Don’t sell parts, sell the concept

As an AV reseller you’re probably given a mandate to provide a digital signage solution at the cheapest price.

Chances are you then tend to list off all the components required to setup a digital network giving the price for the screen, the media player, the software and protection, providing the cost for each part and yes, to a degree this will always be a necessity.

But ultimately, don’t let your sales pitch end up sounding like a stock take or an inventory, otherwise you will miss providing an actual solution that solves a customer’s problem. The point here is that components should perhaps be confined to an invoice, they should not form the bulk of your sales spiel.

Remember, the majority of buyers are not going to be thinking, ‘Erm…what’s missing from my business is a screen at the entrance.’ The more likely train of thought is ‘What can I do to advertise my business in a real attention-grabbing way?’

That’s where Armagard comes in…

We offer complete solutions that will help AV resellers to sell more digital signage. We design and manufacture digital signage enclosures of varying styles and sizes that are suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

Sell More Digital Signage

‘Stylish, customized digital signage system for Birmingham New Street Station, UK.’

You can pitch our digital signage units as ‘all-in-one’ systems because buyers can opt to purchase screens and media players as part of the package, complete with protection that can last up to 10 years or more.

For example, Armagard’s Sunlight Readable Digital Totem can be purchased complete with a 47” high-bright screen, plus a media player. The unit is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, but is widely used as a drive-thru restaurant menu.

'The Armagard 47” Digital Signage Totem System.'

‘The Armagard 47” Digital Signage Totem System.’

The protective enclosure can keep screens operational in temperatures up to +104oF  and the screen supplied features anti-glare technology and operates at 2,000 NITS. The enclosure unit itself comes with a five year warranty covering all mechanical parts and a one year warranty for all electrical components.

Top Tip #2 – Give customers the bigger picture

For every ‘single’ system bought, don’t look at the customer as a one-off sale. This is your opportunity to become a customer’s service provider for years to come.

It’s likely that a customer buying one unit for an initial project will need to expand their digital signage network in the future. Building the foundations now could potentially lead to further sales.

Top tip #3 – Keep the selling simple

Too many resellers chase the ‘big deal’, when targeting the smaller deals is actually a more realistic goal. Yes, the big deal would be great, but these can be a long time coming.

While smaller deals may not be mega, as pointed out in tip 2 they allow you to develop an ongoing relationship, increasing the probability that they will continue to buy from you for years to come.

Also, don’t oversell! Many digital signage deals collapse because the end-user feels overwhelmed when resellers attempt to sell them over-complicated systems and all they want is one digital screen in their shop window.

Sell the system to suit the need, not your sales and empower the end-user. You need to make them feel like an expert when it comes to them using the equipment. If you teach a customer how to use a system with a demo and then ask them to show you what they’ve learned, this puts them at ease.

They’ve developed a new skill and this knowledge can be passed onto colleagues. If you simplify the system that you’re trying to sell, it’s more likely they will buy what you’re selling.

Become an Armagard reseller

Join the many who have become Armagard resellers, selling quality digital signage solutions to end-users worldwide. To enquire about our reseller rates, contact Armagard on 1-866-434-0807.

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