5 Top Tips for Avoiding a Digital Signage Installation Horror Story this Halloween

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Blue screens, poor positioning & no installation team! With over 20 years in the business, we’ve heard it all when it comes to disastrous digital signage installation. Want to know how not to become a victim of embarrassment this Halloween? Read on…

Imagine: Your new digital signage network is delivered on time, great! An army of people unload your AV hardware. Your excitement builds as you anticipate your digital signage installation project being completed by the end of the day.

But wait, you suddenly find yourself asking: “What do you mean you’re not going to install it?”

Before you know it the delivery team is getting back in their vehicle and they’re driving away. You’re left with an entire digital signage network with no installation team to install it. Oh, and you’re also left with some explaining to do with the boss.

Forget to the read the small print? Purchase does not include installation!!! Whoops…

Planning digital signage installation for a Halloween promotion? Here are Armagard’s five top tips for preventing a horror story…

1. Plan every detail of your digital signage installation

Digital signage installation requires a strategy, it’s more than just ordering screens, media players and digital signage enclosures. When it comes to installation day, who’s going to install it?

Are your suppliers responsible for ensuring your digital signage network is up and running? Or, do you need to assemble a team?

Are you familiar with the equipment you will be using? Or, will you require product training? Find out if your suppliers offer training, and if they do, be sure to make use of it. Having more knowledge about the products you’re using benefits you!

Why? Because you can train other staff to use it, and when it comes to changing content or accessing your equipment for maintenance, you’ll be proficient at it. This will save you money on maintenance call out charges and you won’t need to rely on suppliers to come out and change content on your behalf.

2. Choose the right position

Positon your digital signage network incorrectly and it costs you, in more ways than one!

  • No audience, equals no attention, equalling no increased sales & revenue
  • Repositioning means downtime, loss of revenue and to add insult to injury, you may have to pay for the privilege of relocating

It seems obvious, but positioning is everything when it comes to digital signage installation after all, you don’t want an audience of zero. You want to pick a spot that has a high footfall, keeping your message in the spotlight.

Your digital signage should serve a purpose – to offer an improved customer experience. Armagard recommends using floor standing digital signage units, which can be ultra-effective when positioned strategically.

Armagard’s new, outdoor digital signage unit and digital signage advertising system are two prime examples of effective floor standing digital signage.

Digital Signage Installation

Some of Armagard’s freestanding retail totems in-situ.

3. Choose the right orientation

Decide whether you want your display to be installed in a landscape or portrait orientation, and make sure you programme your content to reflect your choice. You will be amazed how many digital signage horror stories involve content being displayed in landscape format on a portrait positioned screen.

Digital Signage Installation

An LCD screen inserted the wrong way or content programmed incorrectly?

Armagard supplies a range of portrait orientated digital signage units, including the brand new Portrait Flat Panel Enclosure. Should you decide on a landscape orientation, Armagard’s classic LCD enclosure unit is worth a look!

4. Make sure you’re operational

Once your digital signage installation project is complete, check that the equipment works. There’s nothing more damaging to your advertising campaign or company reputation than the dreaded blue screen.

Digital Signage Installation

Before you go ‘public’, make sure your digital signage hardware & software is correctly installed.

Equipment failure is costly, time consuming and damaging to your image. Therefore, it pays to make sure your network is connected correctly before your embarrassment is made very public.

5. Make sure you’re protected

You’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands, on your new digital signage network. Your screens look pristine, and everything’s going according to plan until… someone decides to steal or vandalise your equipment.

How did this happen? You forgot to order protection. Purchasing a protective enclosure is often overlooked. However, as a manufacturer of top quality digital signage enclosures, we’ve lost count of how many people have approached us following an incident of screen vandalism or theft. They wish they’d done it sooner.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of digital signage installation for your Halloween promotion, remember to factor in protecting it.

Happy Halloween.

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