3 Reasons Why PC, Printer & Digital Signage Enclosures Offer a Better Solution Than Replacing Hardware

Why should you invest in PC, printer & digital signage enclosures? Find out how protection of electronic hardware can save you money, save you time and reduce your environmental impact.

Did you know? 95% of business computers, printers & digital signage screens end up in landfill (source: www.techweekeurope.co.uk). A high proportion of items disposed are usually still in working order, but because they’re obsolete or need repair the decision is made to discard the hardware and buy brand new equipment.

Whilst this is a solution, it’s not a sustainable solution. Over a period of 10 years the cost of disposing of, and replacing, PCs, printers and digital signage screens will mount up considerably, with costs rising year-after-year.

3 Factors Identifying Enclosures as a Superior Solution

1. The Cost

Your case – “I could buy 3 or 4 computers/printers/digital signage screens for the price of an enclosure.”

It’s true you can, but let’s do the maths. Let’s say you have a digital signage network of 50 screens and over a period of 5 years, 12 of those screens are damaged and discarded. At the time of purchase each of those 12 screens cost you £750, totalling £9,000.

So, you’ve already lost a £9,000 investment. Now add the cost of disposing each screen, let’s say that costs £100 per screen, totalling £1,200, bringing your overall expenditure to £10,200. Then you have to factor in replacing those digital screens which, with inflation, are now double the price than when you originally purchased them.

12 screens at a cost of £1,500 equals £18,000, plus the £10,200 you have already spent means a grand total of £28,200 in 5 years, after 10 years this amounts to more than double.

Armagard’s case – “Our enclosures are designed to last for 10 years or more, and are proven to cut costs.”


‘Armagard’s SENC-350 PC enclosure. Great for industrial environments.’

In contrast to hardware disposal, which is expensive, time consuming and has numerous environmental implications, protection of your PC(s), printer(s) and digital signage screens equals damage prevention. Over a 10 year period, the option to invest in an enclosure proves to be far more economical.

Armagard enclosures are manufactured using high quality materials such as stainless steel and powder coated mild steel. They are weatherproof, vandal proof & theft proof and built to industry standards to protect against infiltration from liquids, dust, dirt and insects.

Armagard enclosures

‘A range of Armagard enclosures, manufactured using high quality materials.’

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Siân Wildeboer, of Lde Smart alarms, had to say about Armagard’s enclosures: We have been using Armagard for a number of years, and every time we use them we know we are going to get fast helpful advice.

The units are perfect for showing the CCTV feeds in industrial environments and stand up to the dirt and dust in places like the quarries we install them in. Our end users keep coming back to us for more business thanks to the fast efficient service and great quality products Armagard supply.”

2. The Environmental Impact

Your case – “I can just discard my hardware via general waste, it won’t have an effect on the environment.”

Actually, you can’t dispose of computers via general waste it’s against the law and could potentially earn your business a fine for breaching environmental regulations. As a business you have a duty to dispose of electronic hardware responsibly, for which you will incur a cost. Disposing of your hardware via general waste has massive implications when it comes to the environment.

Armagard’s case – “Protecting your PC, printer or digital signage screen means you can avoid having to discard equipment, saving you money and reducing your environmental impact.”

Did you know? It takes almost a quarter of a ton of fossil fuel, 48 pounds of chemicals, and a ton and a half of water to manufacture one computer and monitor (source: www.techweekeurope.co.uk). So, to dispose of a perfectly good working computer is environmentally unfriendly.

But, the environmental impact does not end there. According to techweekeurope.co.uk just 5% of businesses dispose of computers correctly, hence the reason that 95% of computers finish up in landfill.

The problem with computers going to landfill is that they contain numerous toxic substances such as lead and mercury (which is poisonous) that have the potential to contaminate water supplies.

Armagard enclosures give you the opportunity to safeguard perfectly good hardware, eliminating damage threats and the need to dispose of equipment. If your hardware isn’t the latest technological masterpiece, it does not mean it’s worth disposing. ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it’, hardware does not have to be trendy to be efficient.

3. Long-Term Implications  

Did you know? PCs, printers and digital signage screens are purposely ‘made to fail’ in order to sustain production, maintain employment, create a larger consumer market and help the economy.

An article recently published by the BBC identified that the ‘made to fail’ methodology has become the norm. Therefore, the process of constantly disposing of, and replacing, obsolete equipment will be a continuous one. Business expenditure for hardware stands to increase year-after-year unless companies opt to preserve rather than discard what they have.

Long-term, the installation of an Armagard enclosure will:

  • Unlock the full potential of your hardware
  • Extend equipment lifespan
  • Eliminate repair, disposal & replacement costs
  • Prevent the need to dispose equipment before the end of its usable life, reducing your environmental impact
LCD enclosures

‘Armagard’s classic LCD enclosure. Use indoors or outdoors for commercial
or industrial purposes.’

There’s No Risk

Purchase of an Armagard enclosure guarantees you:

  • 5 year warranty coverage for all mechanical parts
  • 12 months warranty coverage for all electrical parts
  • Life time access to a product support forum

Next Steps

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