Improve Production-Line Efficiency with a Compact Waterproof Touch Screen

Want a faster, more streamlined production process? The Compact Waterproof Touch Screen provides your personnel with a smarter way to work on the shop floor, speeding up processes such as:

  • Data entry
  • Stock takes
  • General administration

Not only will it make your production-line more efficient, it will protect it too, stopping the very real threat of equipment downtime that can lead to:

  • Profit loss
  • Loss of market share
  • Damage to your business reputation
Compact Waterproof Touch Screen

“The touch screen capabilities of the SENC-350, Compact Waterproof Touch Screen Enclosure improves the production process of any facility.”

Versatility and value for money

The benefit to your business of buying this unit is threefold.

1. It’s better value for money than a dedicated industrial PC, and we even throw in [not literally of course] a 17”, LCD touch screen – meaning no additional time or money has to be spent sourcing a monitor.

2. It’s much more versatile, equipment can be upgraded as and when needed, whereas dedicated industrial PC systems tend to be integrated, offering you less flexibility.

3. It’s less intrusive and disruptive because installation time of the Compact Waterproof Touch Screen is significantly shorter compared to a dedicated industrial PC system.

Compact Waterproof Touch Screen Enclosure – Design Strengths

Your business gets a food grade (316) stainless steel enclosure system that’s suitable for environments where high hygiene standards are crucial to your business operation.

Additionally, the unit is compact in design – a space saving benefit if work areas are tight. It means that you can clear already congested work spaces, and by wall or stand mounting the system, you can further keep equipment out of harm’s way.

For your peace of mind you might like to know that it has been rigorously tested and is fully waterproof, carrying an IP56/NEMA 4 industry rating.

It’s delivered as seen, requiring no assembly on your part, plus it’s easy to install using basic tools.

Long-term, the Compact Waterproof Touch Screen Enclosure represents a better investment for your business, bringing your shop floor into the 21st century.

The product is even covered by a five year warranty for mechanical parts and 12 months for electrical components, sweetening the deal. Everything you need to take your production process to the next level is right here.

All you have to do now is order. Speak to Armagard, today. Dial 1-866-434-0807.

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