Classic Industrial Computer Cabinet Solves Problem of PC, Printer & Screen Damage

Reduce the risk of PC, printer or screen damage in your workplace. This classic industrial computer cabinet provides everything you need for all-in-one equipment protection.

Your unique industrial computer cabinet, designed and manufactured by Armagard, provides a solution for protecting PC, printer and screen equipment simultaneously.

This classic Armagard product allows you to create your own unit that suits your environment and safeguards against any hazardous threats that can cause damage to your PC, printer or screen apparatus.

Industrial Computer Cabinet

Armagard’s classic industrial computer cabinet.

Classic Industrial Computer Cabinet – Design Strengths

Protecting against water damage, dust, dirt and physical impact, your industrial computer cabinet is manufactured using powder coated mild steel and is sealed to IP54 industry standard. The unit is a powerful fortress, built to withstand the impact of arduous working environments.

Besides safeguarding against environmental elements the unit also has various features that protect against vandalism and theft.

Compared to similar units on sale this industrial computer cabinet is unique and offers more because you can customize it. You’re not restricted to one design therefore, getting the unit you need for your specific environment is made simple.

You can add temperature regulating systems and protect your equipment against the effects of a hot or cold environment. The unit provides more than just protection, it provides a harmonious environment that extends equipment lifespan and allows your apparatus to function at maximum potential.

The classic  industrial computer cabinet is at the forefront of PC, printer and screen protection delivering long-term results that help you to avoid expensive costs.

Where’s the value?

The value of the unit is unlocked over a long-term period. No longer will you have to worry about the cost of engineer call-outs or repairing/replacing damaged equipment. You also save time as you will no longer need to worry about dealing with insurance claims or suffer disruption to workflow because equipment can’t be used. You stand to save your business time and money year-after-year.

With the capacity to accommodate PCs, screens, printers and keyboards, without the need to purchase separate enclosure solutions, this industrial computer cabinet represents magnificent value for money.

Being able to store your PC, screen, printer and keyboard all in one place is not only convenient, but keeps worktops clear, giving you more space in which to work.

Further Benefits

The unit is delivered fully assembled, ready for use so you waste no time assembling the product. Once installed, your equipment will require minimal maintenance as the unit creates an environment that allows your apparatus to sustain itself. The unit itself is also low-maintenance. It’s easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. This unit is built to last!

Your custom-built industrial computer cabinet comes with a five year warranty, covering all mechanical parts, and a one year warranty covering all electrical components. Furthermore, should you encounter any problems using your unit you can access a product support forum via the Armagard website –

Next Steps

Discover if the industrial computer cabinet is suitable for your environment. You’ve got nothing to lose! For a FREE suitability assessment for your workplace, use the ‘Quick Enquiry’ service on our website and we’ll contact you.

For a quote, or to order your industrial computer cabinet, call 1-866-434-0807.

For peace of mind, visit the Armagard manufacturing facility and see how we build your enclosure. Give us a call to arrange an appointment to visit us on site. We want the purchase of your industrial computer cabinet to be a risk free investment.

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