Protecting Manufacturing Computers from Dust

Computers are now an essential tool in most manufacturing businesses. Ideal for controlling machinery, ensuring processes are running as efficiently as possible and reducing waste, few factories and industrial centers can function without a PC. However, factory and distribution locations are not the type of location in which most desktop PCs were designed to operate. All sorts of elements prevalent in manufacturing and distribution centers can easily disable a standard PC system, and one of the most common of these elements is dust.

Because of the high levels of dust in manufacturing locations, a solution is needed to enable the use of computer hardware in such environments. The dust proof computer enclosure is one such solution and it provides not just comprehensive protection against dust, protecting the PC, monitor and any peripherals, but also it offers an exceptional return on investment for factory and distribution center computer use.

Perils of Dust

Dust proof computer enclosures are essential in manufacturing locations because of the effects dust can have on a PC. Dust can cause all sorts of problems. Firstly, dust clogs up filters and causes computers to overheat, which will lead to failure of the PC and the frequent need to replace the computer. Secondly, dust clogs up moving parts, such as hard drives and fans, further leading to computer failure, and finally, dust can contain conductive elements so if allowed to get inside a PC it can lead to short circuits, which will again disable the PC.

In some manufacturing locations, such as those that produce powdered foodstuffs or produce metallic dust, the dust can become an explosive hazard. Something as innocuous as a PC can create an spark that can ignite a flammable dust cloud which could lead to an explosion, which means any computer operating in such an environment needs to be sealed from the dusty atmosphere.

Dust Protection

The dust proof computer enclosure is the ideal solution for protecting computers form the perils of dust. The computer enclosure is designed to prevent dust from getting inside and damaging the PC. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association produces ratings for the manufacture of dust proof computer enclosures, which ensures that any hardware contained inside is kept free from dust. Any dust proof computer enclosure operating in a dusty environment needs at least NEMA 4 protection to ensure any PC housed inside the dust proof computer enclosure will be kept free from dust.

Explosive Atmospheres

Some dust proof computer enclosures are designed to operate in locations where there is the potential of a dust cloud explosion. These computer enclosures are completely sealed so no potentially explosive dust, no matter how fine can get inside the enclosure and become ignited by the electronics of the PC. These explosive atmosphere dust proof computer enclosures are commonly used in powdered food companies, and those manufacturing centers where fine metals can explode.

Dust proof computer enclosures are essential for all sorts of manufacturing and distribution centers, and because they house standard PCs, protecting them from dust, they can be used for years and years, enclosing successive generations of PC and providing the same dust proof protection, which offers and exceptionally return on investment.

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