LCD Monitor Enclosure for use in Manufacturing

Computer monitors used to be large, bulky objects that took up most of the space on a desk. Now, thanks to the introduction of modern LCD monitors, computer displays are slim, lightweight and unobtrusive. This has enabled monitors to be taken from the normal operating environment of the office and used in all sorts of locations, from the shop floor and distribution center, to the front of buildings.

The only challenge with using modern LCD monitors out of their normal operating environment is making sure they don’t succumb to the hazardous elements and variable temperatures often present in these environments, which is why any LCD monitor taken out of the office should be protected in an LCD monitor enclosure.

For the Shop Floor

Using monitors on the shop floor can be really useful for manufacturers. Monitors enable communication with workers, the ability to monitor processes and computerization of systems. However, shop floor environments can be really hazardous for monitors. Often these areas can either be very dusty, with particles generated by the manufacturing process quite capable of damaging a monitor, while some shop floor areas involve the heavy use of water, often common in food production for instance, which can easily and instantly disable an LCD monitor.

LCD monitor enclosures protect LCD screens from all these hazards, ensuring that dust, water or other elements can’t get into the enclosure and damage the screen. Furthermore, the LCD monitor enclosure is also rugged, defending the LCD screen from the rough and tumble world of the shop floor environment. Once enclosed, the LCD screen is completely protected, allowing its use in almost any shop floor location.

For the Distribution Center

LCD monitors are also useful in distribution centers too. Often stored items are bar-coded and logged on computer systems, but here too, the environment can be damaging to an LCD screen. Not only do some distribution centers have high levels of dust, but commonly in hubs that store food items, the environments are often chilled, which can cause problems for the screen.

LCD monitor enclosures enable the use of LCDs even in cold rooms and freezers. The internal temperature of the enclosure is maintained using heaters, fans and insulation, so no matter how warm of how cold the external environment becomes, the LCD monitor can always function without fear of failure or damage.

Outdoor Monitors

The above protection offered by an LCD monitor enclosure, also enables them to be used outdoors. LCD monitors are ideal communication platforms, especially when positioned outside entrances or in busy areas. By keeping screens dry and at a maintained temperature, an LCD monitor enclosure enables them to be used in outdoor environments.

Furthermore, most LCD monitor enclosures are built to be rugged, able to protect the enclosed LCD from impacts, so they are defended against vandalism and attempts at theft too. Able to be securely mounted on walls, ceiling or on stands, an LCD monitor enclosure can be used in a wide range of environments and locations, enabling you take the benefits of an LCD or computer system into places where their use would otherwise be impossible.

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