Make your screens last longer with the LCD Monitor Enclosure

Replacing equipment, engineer call outs and downtime, they all have one thing in common – they cost your business money. However, there is a way you can stop these costs occurring and prolong the life of your screens and monitors. Install an LCD Monitor Enclosure and see your business save money.

If you’re not a fan of losing money, seeing your reputation damaged or allowing your competitors to gain the upper hand in the market, keeping your screen equipment operational will stop you losing out.

Multipurpose and great value for money

Compared with paying replacement or repair costs, the LCD Monitor Enclosure offers better value for money. If you were to add up the cost of your screen repairs or replacement over the last 10 years, chances are those costs would total more than the price of this product.

LCD Monitor Enclosure

Built to protect for a decade or more, the PDS 19” – 24” LCD Monitor Enclosure will reduce screen equipment costs.

We say 10 years, because that’s how long this unit is designed to last and it could last even longer. That means, over the course of a decade, your business is saving money in the following ways:

  • Freedom from repair & replacement costs, plus maintenance contracts.
  • Protects your current equipment, you don’t have to buy new screens to suit the enclosure.
  • Less chance of equipment breakdown, reducing downtime, therefore reducing financial loss and loss of market share.

The unit is also built for multipurpose use and can be utilised in a commercial or industrial capacity, providing protection for screens used indoors or outside.

It can be wall or stand mounted, a space saving benefit if you’re looking to deploy screens in areas of limited space, plus it means you can further position screens out of harm’s way.

Additionally, should you require a system that’s highly flexible – particularly for the purpose of upgrading monitors and screens – the LCD Monitor Enclosure makes it easy. You can upgrade equipment at your convenience to keep up with technology, without having to replace the enclosure.

What you’re getting with the LCD Monitor Enclosure

The LCD Monitor Enclosure can be used to safeguard 19” – 24” computer monitors used in industrial facilities. Equally, it can be used to protect screens used as digital signage.

Manufactured using powder coated mild steel, the product has undergone rigorous testing and carries an NEMA4 industry rating. The enclosure is delivered as seen, requiring no assembly on your part and minimising installation times.

The product comes complete with a five year warranty leaving you with everything you need to avoid having to replace screens and monitors, pay engineer call out charges or suffer downtime.

All that’s left for you to do now is order yours. Dial 1-866-434-0807 to talk to an Armagard representative.

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