Screen Protection – 4 Leisure Industry Cases which Boosted Messaging

Armagard LCD enclosures have proved hugely popular in the outdoor leisure industry. By providing screen protection, Armagard’s LCD enclosures are enabling direct message delivery in locations where it would otherwise have been impossible. The number of leisure industry locations that are now using Armagard screen protection has increased, as more and more facilities realise the benefits of outdoor messaging that enables them to reach far more people than traditional information delivery.

Designed to protect LCD screens in outdoor locations, Armagard LCD enclosures are ideal for use near waterfronts and swimming pools, enabling leisure facilities to provide up to the minute message delivery. Because Armagard LCD enclosures provide comprehensive screen protection, they not only keep screens at the optimum operating temperature, regardless of the weather and time of year, but also they keep out water, enabling LCD screens to operate in locations where information delivery has always been difficult.

The following are examples of how Armagard screen protection is being utilised in leisure industry locations, providing vital information where it is needed the most:

Alpha Surf, Lake Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Swiss surfing and sail school, Alpha Surf, located on the picturesque Lake Neuchâtel, needed a messaging solution to provide training and safety videos along the waterfront. Up until now, this sort of information could only be provided indoors, but after turning to Armagard, the Swiss leisure resort now has a PDS 46″ LCD monitor enclosure, offering waterproof screen protection right by the water’s edge, enabling the surf and sailing school to provide information to their students throughout the year.

alpha surf

Designed to European directive, IP56, the Armagard LCD enclosure ensures the screen is protected from the elements and variable temperatures of the outdoor environment, as well as protecting from any spray and splashes coming from the waterfront. This screen protection is enabling direct waterside messaging 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex

The brand new Bangor Aurora Aquatic and Leisure Complex in Northern Ireland wanted a poolside messaging system that wouldn’t be susceptible to moisture and humidity. This system had to provide poolside messaging, so this meant that hot moisture in the air would be a particular problem, not just because of the risk it posed to the LCD screen itself, but also because condensation could make the screen unreadable.

However, after speaking to Armagard, they opted for an IP66 PDS 24” lcd monitor enclosure. This unit is completely sealed, keeping out any moisture and humidity, so the screen not only is able to function perfectly well in the hot, moist atmosphere, but also the screen is continuously readable and not susceptible to condensation, ensuring all messaging can be seen by the pool’s visitors. With the ability to provide up to the minute information, messaging delivery has now become instant.

Canal Way

One distinct location where Armagard recently fitted one of their LCD enclosures was on the banks of a canal. This system was needed to provide canal and lock information so had to operate outdoors and near to the waterside. This meant weather and waterproofing screen protection was critical.

To guarantee 24-hour messaging, Armagard provided a PDS 42” IP56 enclosure ], which is able to function in all weathers and all seasons. The unit is responsive to temperature changes, providing additional cooling in warm weathers, and is also resistant to weather elements and any splashing caused by nearby canal barges. Furthermore, being outdoors, the unit needed to be tough enough to cope with any accidental knocks and impacts, while being secure to prevent vandalism or attempts at theft.

Boat Installation

Perhaps the most unique leisure industry installation Armagard conducted recently was the fitting of a 47” LCD enclosure on the deck of a boat. This screen was required to provide tour guide information, which meant it needed to endure the variable temperatures and weather of an outdoor environment, whilst also coping with any splashes from the sea. In addition, being as seawater is highly corrosive, the screen protection needed to cope with constant bombardment of salt spray.

The solution was the PDS 47” IP 56 LCD enclosure, which can endure all these elements. Able to withstand water splashes and cope with operation in an outdoor environment, the LCD enclosure is also powder coated to ensure salt water doesn’t cause corrosion. This enables the boat’s operators to provide tour guide information when at sea, boosting their message delivery capabilities.

Flexibility to adapt

What all these leisure industry installations have in common is the need for flexibility. While there are other solutions available for providing screen protection and digital information delivery in outdoor locations, Armagard’s PDS range enables a flexibility that can suit almost any requirement. Whether it is indoors or out, hot or cool climates, waterside or humid, Armagard have a PDS enclosure option that will enable information and message delivery in just about any location.

Providing up to the minute news and information is a critical component of many leisure industry facilities, but as environments can vary dramatically, these areas require a flexible solution. This is why Armagard’s LCD enclosures are becoming the screen protection system of choice for many in the leisure industry.

Leisure Industry Direct Communication

With an LCD enclosure leisure industry facilities are able to boost their messaging services. This enables critical and crucial information to be delivered where it is needed the most. From safety messages and conduct guidelines, to tour information and opening times, with a display using Armagard screen protection, messaging can be instant and highly visible.

This instant messaging is one of the key attractions to digital messaging for all types of leisure industry facilities. Using traditional notice boards and static media, information is slow and less visual. However, with a display screen, changes to timetables, updated information and the latest news can all be brought right to the visitor’s eyes, ensuring greater awareness and visibility.

Of course, because of the environments of many leisure industry locations, this sort of instant delivery of message sand information has traditionally been difficult to achieve. But not anymore. Thanks to Armagard’s flexible and comprehensive screen protection systems, all sorts of industries are now able to achieve their messaging goals.

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