What’s Stopping You from Buying Digital Signage?

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Is it the cost? Do you think it’s not for you? Do you think digital signage is overrated? If you’ve not found a valid reason for buying digital signage, have a read of this…

You’re interested in buying digital signage, but something is stopping you crossing that finishing line. You want a reason to buy, but so far you’re unconvinced. So, be honest what is it that’s stopping you and is your objection to buying digital signage justified?

Is it the cost of buying digital signage?

You’ve been shopping around for quotes and come to the conclusion that digital signage advertising is way beyond any budget you have, no matter which department’s budget you’re trying to use.

We know that cost is the number one reason for not buying digital signage because businesses struggle to justify such an investment. We’re not going to lie, going digital with your advertising doesn’t come cheap, but you have to ask yourself why you expect it to come cheap.

For the moment, let’s put the digital signage conversation aside and ask yourself where you’re currently spending money to promote your business, does it come cheap? You could be doing one or a combination of the following:

  • Online advertising
  • Print advertising [i.e. newspapers, trade publications etc…]
  • Poster advertising
  • TV or radio advertising
  • Using an advertising agency to handle your promotional needs
  • Exhibitions
  • Cinema advertising

The list is extensive… but our point is that each of these advertising methods has recurring costs. Check your accounts now and it’s possible that over the course of 12 months your advertising spend exceeds the cost of buying digital signage.

Cinema digital signage

This cinema entrance is brought to life by screens housed in Armagard LCD enclosures.

However, if you’re paying for your advertising on a month-by-month basis, you don’t notice the cost because it appears minimal. It’s only when you add the total spend up over the course of a year that you baulk at the cost and begin to look for ways to reduce advertising expenditure.

It’s our assumption that cost puts you off buying digital signage because you see one big lump sum payment that you need to make upfront. You’re unable to see past the number of zeroes on the quote and dismiss buying digital signage because it’s too expensive for you. Are we on the right lines?

But, put that digital signage quote next to your yearly advertising spend. What do you see? Is digital signage the answer to reducing your spend?

The thing about investing in digital signage advertising is that the big scary lump sum you have to pay upfront represents the bulk of your investment. We implore you to switch your mind set from ‘I’m about to spend a lot of money’ to ‘digital signage can make me money.’

‘How can it make me money?’

A great way to generate revenue from your digital signage is to let other businesses use it. It’s not uncommon for places of business to lease their digital signage displays to vendors, third parties or neighbouring businesses.

I don’t think digital signage is for us

Why? Are you basing this on the size of your business? Digital signage is for every business, but perhaps you’ve been put off because a vendor has tried to sell you 20 screens, but you’re an independent store with limited space.

Buying digital signage

‘Just one outdoor digital signage unit at your store’s entrance will attract attention.’

In your mind do you think that digital signage has to be some massive network of screens that’s difficult to install and operate? Well, it doesn’t…

One digital signage screen in your store’s window can be just as effective as 50 screens in a stadium, it’s all about seeing digital signage from the viewpoint of your needs and not looking at what everyone else is doing.

When you get a customer who places a big order with your store, but you know you don’t have the stock to meet that order, do you say this is not for us? No, you do everything you can to meet the requirements of that customer.

The same principle applies with digital signage, don’t exclude your business because you don’t have the same size budget or floor space as Tesco. You can make digital signage work for you, even if it’s just to cut advertising costs.

Equally, you don’t have to be worried that digital signage is difficult to operate. For instance, Armagard’s LCD Advertising Display unit features a screen and a built-in media player.

All you have to do is upload content, which can be images, video or audio, onto a memory card, insert the memory card into the media player and the screen displays your content, simple.

LCD Advertising Display

‘Armagard’s LCD Advertising Display. Easy to install, easy to use.’

I think digital signage is overrated

Maybe so, you’re entitled to your opinion, but there’s an inescapable reality happening all around you, the world is engaging with digital. If you commute by train, everywhere you look digital is happening. Smartphones, tablets and even when you arrive at your destination, the train station has digital screens.

Yes you may think it’s overrated, but don’t let your personal preference interfere with what’s trending. After all, surely what matters to you is that you reach as much of your target audience as possible, to make more money. If digital signage is what it takes to do this, would you really dismiss it?

Ask Armagard

If you have reservations about buying digital signage, talk to Armagard. We’ve been in the business for 15 years+.

We don’t just sell digital signage, we design and manufacture digital signage solutions, plus we can offer installation.

Everything you need to get started in digital signage, we can help you with.

Dial 1-866-434-0807, now or complete the ‘Quick Enquiry’ form on the right of your screen, and we’ll call you.

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Daniel Waldron

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