Stunning 55” Digital Signage Totem Delivers Uninterrupted Advertising All-Year-Round

Discover the 55” Digital Signage Totem and enjoy uninterrupted advertising 365 days a year, for up to 10 years!


Offering ultimate digital screen protection indoors or outside, the 55” Digital Signage Totem is a stunning piece of hardware. Installation of this unit removes your need to rely on print advertising, cutting costs, reducing paper usage and making your business more environmentally friendly.

It’s unique because it gives your business the opportunity to display your message, and your message only, without the clutter of other advertisers. Your message is more prominent & more poignant, provoking greater audience attention and increasing sales and revenues.

Investment is completely risk free. There’s a 5 year warranty covering all mechanical parts and a 1 year warranty covering all electrical parts. Additionally, you will have access to our product support forum, meaning assistance is always available for the lifetime of the unit.

Digital signage totem

Armagard’s 55″ totem digital signage display.

What does it do?

The 55” outdoor totem digital signage enclosure prevents the very real threat of damage to outdoor TV screens from weather conditions, physical impact, tampering and vandalism. The unit also safeguards against theft, featuring security devices to prevent unwanted access.

Design strengths

Manufactured using powder coated mild steel, the unit is completely customizable allowing you to add features that will sustain and improve the performance of your outdoor advertising display. You can choose to add heating or air-conditioning systems to control the temperature within the enclosure. You can also add anti-glare or anti-reflective technology to the display window.

How does it work?

The purpose built, IP56/NEMA 4 rated enclosure works by creating a harmonious environment in which your outdoor TV can function without the risk of malfunction or damage. The inclusion of temperature control systems will prevent overheating and/or freezing, whilst the steel structure and reinforced glass window display protect against the threat of screen damage from physical hazards.

Where’s the value?

The value of the 55” Digital Signage Totem is unlocked over a long-term period. You stand to save a fortune by avoiding engineer call out costs for screen repair/replacement. You will also save time as you will no longer be dealing with insurance claims.

Furthermore, the unit is extremely low maintenance as it’s self-sustaining, maintaining an optimum internal temperature, whilst shielding against exterior threats. This is hugely beneficial to your business as time does not need to be spent checking the unit every day.

What makes it different from similar enclosures?

What makes the 55” outdoor TV totem unique, compared with similar products on sale, is the customisation options available. You can choose from a single or double-sided unit and create the enclosure specific to your needs to provide protection for your screen. The product is delivered fully assembled, ready for positioning and immediate use.

Next Steps

Discover if the 55” Outdoor Digital Signage Totemis suitable for your environment. You’ve got nothing to lose! For a FREE suitability assessment for your workplace, use the ‘Quick Enquiry’ service on our website and we’ll contact you.

For a quote, or to order your 55” Outdoor Digital Signage Totem, call – 1-866-434-0807.

For peace of mind, visit the Armagard manufacturing facility and see how we build your enclosure. Give us a call to arrange an appointment to visit us on site. We want the purchase of your 55” Outdoor Digital Signage Totem to be a risk free investment.

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