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Daniel Waldron

A dedicated writer for 10 years, Daniel joined Armagard in 2013. Daniel assists in the production of web copy, articles, blogs, press releases and white papers, for use by Armagard's marketing team. Daniel Waldron Google+

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Outdoor TV – Protection, Price and Performance

LCD enclosure installation - people sat in a beer garden watching tv housed in an armagard enclosure

Outdoor TV installation becoming more popular Outdoor TVs are becoming a popular item in both home and businesses. Many pubs, bars and restaurants are installing them to entertain customers in outdoor locations, largely brought about due to the smoking ban. Homeowners are installing them in patios, barbeque areas and back yards as more and more people […]


What’s Stopping You from Buying Digital Signage?

Outdoor digital signage

Is it the cost? Do you think it’s not for you? Do you think digital signage is overrated? If you’ve not found a valid reason for buying digital signage, have a read of this…


Improve Production-Line Efficiency with a Compact Waterproof Touch Screen

Compact Waterproof Touch Screen

Want a faster, more streamlined production process? The Compact Waterproof Touch Screen provides your personnel with a smarter way to work on the shop floor, speeding up processes such as: Data entry Stock takes General administration Not only will it make your production-line more efficient, it will protect it too, stopping the very real threat […]


Protect your reputation with an Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure

Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure

Equipment downtime leads to delays, delays could mean failure to deliver, which results in a hit to your reputation and perhaps loss of repeat business. The good news is you can fight back against downtime by installing your very own Industrial LCD Monitor Enclosure.


ATEX Enclosures | Do you comply with the ATEX directive?

ATEX Enclosures

Did you know? Industry analysts recently found that 50 percent of all companies that are required to comply with the ATEX directive don’t even know what it is. This is your essential guide to ATEX and ATEX enclosures. After all, you could probably do without you, your business and your staff being blown to smithereens. […]


What do Consumers Actually want from Digital Signage Advertising?

How do you know your digital signage advertising is working? What are consumers looking to get from it? New research reveals how different demographics interact with, and respond to, digital screen advertising.


Digital signage success: What does it look like?

Cinema digital signage

There’s a golden rule to achieving digital signage success. With years of experience in the digital signage arena, Armagard reveals what it takes to make digital signage successful.


Poolside Digital Signage – Dive Right In

Poolside digital signage

A combination of heat, humidity and H20 are a death sentence for poolside screens. To protect your poolside digital signage, take a look at this Armagard case study.


Digital Signage Displays – Can they Work in Hippodromes?

With digital signage displays proving to be a hit across many venues, Armagard examines if they can have a similar impact across hippodromes, worldwide. What is a hippodrome? The original hippodrome was an ancient stadium built in Greece. It was used for the purposes of horse or chariot racing. Nowadays, the term hippodrome is widely […]


Outdoor TV at Half the Price – Take Your Home Entertainment Outside

Outdoor TV Enclosure.

You don’t need to spend big to get an Outdoor TV, you can take your current TV outside. How? Consider a high-quality, UK manufactured, outdoor TV enclosure. A unit designed to protect and save you money…