‘Don’t Make Them Like They Used To’ – PC, Printer & Digital Signage Protection VS the ‘Throwaway Culture’

Armagard has, for over 20 years, been designing & manufacturing digital signage enclosures, computer shields & printer protection units that are built to last. Let us dispel for you the myths of the ‘throwaway culture’ and present the case for PC, printer & digital signage protection.

Did you know? Your computer(s), your TV(s) & even your digital signage display(s) are made to fail! They are manufactured in such a way that repairing them is difficult & costly or they’re made with a set lifespan.

Why? According to an article recently published by the BBC this ‘made to fail’ method has become the norm, used by manufacturers to generate a larger consumer market in order to sell more products, more frequently, and increase sales & revenues.

Solving a problem…

By generating a larger consumer market the argument is that manufacturing products with a set lifespan secures production, maintains employment & sustains a healthy economy.

…Or creating a problem?

Due to the fact that computers, printers and digital signage screens are becoming far more complicated to repair, and have shorter lifespans, the ‘throwaway culture’ has become prevalent creating a threefold problem.

Firstly, businesses are expected to spend more, not only on replacing printers, computers & digital signage displays, but paying to have ‘old’ hardware disposed of correctly, resulting in massive expense.

Secondly, the environmental impact of disposing such hardware is harmful, hence the reason such premium rates are charged to dispose of items like digital signage screens, printers and computers. Furthermore, constantly producing products for the sake of pursuing the new is draining the planet of vital resources.

The environmental impact is hard to ignore with recycling being promoted vigorously all over the world in order to prevent general waste disposal.

Thirdly, there’s an issue of security. Computers, for instance, are often disposed of without wiping the hard-drive, potentially leaving sensitive data open to exploitation. Encouraging a ‘throwaway culture’ leads to carelessness.

Dispelling the myths of the ‘throwaway culture’

1. The misconception – The ‘throwaway culture’ cuts costs: Disposing of your digital signage screens, printers or computers will save you money on repairs, which are usually more than the cost to replace.

The truth: Actually, there is a cost for businesses to dispose of such equipment correctly, then there’s the cost of replacing equipment, bearing in mind that prices will have increased since your last purchase.

The maths – An example: Let’s say you have 10 computers across your organisation. When you purchased them they cost you £350 each, a total of £3,500. After three years, six of them need repairing due to various faults.

However, rather than pay repair costs, you decide to invest in six new PC units and dispose of those computers that still work, yet need repairing.

But, computer prices are not the same as they were three years ago. The cost to replace each PC is now £750, meaning that to replace those six units it will cost you £4,500, hardly a cost-effective way to preserve a business. Plus, this does not include the cost to dispose of the ‘broken’ computers correctly.

2. The misconception – PC, printer or digital signage protection is expensive: The ‘throwaway’ culture has created a perception that PC, printer or digital signage protection is a waste of time, and more importantly, money. Why? Because protecting products does not conform to ‘meeting the needs of the economy, preserving jobs or securing production.’

The truth: Anything worth protecting is worth paying for. For instance when you buy a new car your first instinct is to protect it by insuring it and insurance can be expensive. However, that insurance covers you in the event of an accident, protecting you from having to pay excessive costs.

The same instinct kicks in when you buy a mobile phone, you buy a protective case and insure the phone to cover it in the event of damage.

The same is true of computers, digital signage screens and printers. Protecting them preserves the warranty, it’s your insurance and over a long-term duration, compared with replacing computers, digital signage screens & printers, providing protection is a less expensive solution.

Digital Signage Protection

Protection of your digital screens equals prevention of damage & an extended lifespan.

3. The misconception – The ‘throwaway’ culture has no effect on the environment: There’s a belief that simply disposing of a computer along with the general trash is safe.

The truth: Computers have various components which contain numerous toxic materials such as lead and mercury which, if shipped off to landfill, could leak into water supplies causing severe contamination.

Unless disposed of properly, broken computers, digital signage displays and printers represent a serious problem to the environment. Businesses can now be fined for failing to meet environmental targets. There is more pressure than ever on organisations to reduce wastage and this applies to electronic equipment.

The alternative

What if there was a way you could avoid paying repair & replacement costs for up to 10 years?

There’s nothing you can do to stop the manufacture of ‘made to fail’ computers, printers or digital signage screens. However, investment in a quality Armagard printer enclosure, computer shield or digital signage protection unit, does give you the opportunity to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Armagard enclosures exude quality, they’re expertly engineered and used all over the world and challenge the notion that you need to dispose of hardware after a certain period of time. Why not preserve equipment instead? The key to solving a problem is prevention, so if you could stop your hardware from getting damaged in the first instance, wouldn’t you take it?

Our PC shields, printer enclosures and digital signage protection units give you the opportunity to preserve your equipment.

Providing up to 10 years protection, Armagard enclosures are renowned across the world for their quality & durability. Manufactured using either stainless steel or powder coated mild steel, they are capable of protecting most mainstream printers, computers and digital signage screens. Each enclosure is designed with strength and endurance in mind.

The products produced by Armagard are trusted to deliver, hence the reason our digital signage protection units, for instance, have been used at major sporting events including the 2012 Olympics and the Euro 2012 Football Tournament.

How do they preserve equipment?

Armagard enclosures are equipped with various standard features designed to make them self-sustainable and allow them to protect equipment with very minimal maintenance. For instance, our digital signage protection units can be fitted with temperature regulating systems, polycarbonate viewing screens, fans and the unique plenum chambers cooling system.

Such features are installed to protect equipment from exterior threats, while maintaining an internal environment that not only preserves equipment, but improves performance and extends product lifespan.

Armagard enclosures are not just about safeguarding your equipment, they’re built to protect your entire business operation for up to a decade. If you’ve had the same printer, computer or digital signage display for five years and it does the job perfectly, why change it for the sake of keeping up with trends?

Tried & tested PC, printer & digital signage protection

The evidence of how effective our enclosures are is found in the thousands of clients that have put their trust in the quality of our products. Armagard units now protect equipment worth over £4 billion worldwide, and each year we add over 2,000 digital signage protection units to our customer portfolio.

The products on offer from Armagard are built to last, primarily to extend the life of equipment that businesses rely on. They are rigorously tested & adhere to industry standards. They are the answer to cutting costs, saving time and reducing the environmental impact of companies who have fallen into the trap of disposing of equipment too hastily.

Digital Signage Protection

An Armagard LCD enclosure enduring the testing process in sub-zero temperatures.

If you know your equipment has the potential to be damaged because of the environment it’s in, think about protecting it. In years to come environmental restrictions are going to become a major challenge for companies like yours when it comes to electronic equipment disposal. So, give your equipment the gift of extended life.

Risk free

Each PC enclosure, printer shield & digital signage protection unit can last up to 10 years or more, requiring very little maintenance.

Every enclosure built by Armagard has 5 years warranty coverage for all mechanical parts, and 12 months warranty coverage for all electrical parts. Furthermore, we have a FREE to access product support forum, so you’re never without assistance.

Opt for protection and call Armagard today on 1-866-434-0807. Alternatively, use our FREE ‘Quick Enquiry’ service. 

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