Outdoor TV at Half the Price – Take Your Home Entertainment Outside

You don’t need to spend big to get an Outdoor TV, you can take your current TV outside. How? Consider a high-quality, UK manufactured, outdoor TV enclosure. A unit designed to protect and save you money…

Did you know? In 2013, car manufacturer Porsche unveiled a record-breaking, 16-foot-wide outdoor TV and if you’ve got a spare £414,000 it could be yours!

However, if that’s a little too far outside your budget, and indeed too big for your backyard, an outdoor TV enclosure gives you a more realistic opportunity to take TV entertainment outdoors for a reasonable price.

Outdoor TV enclosure – the affordable alternative to a dedicated outdoor TV

With dedicated outdoor TVs costing an average of £2,000, an enclosure is far more appealing from a cost point of view because they can be purchased at half the price.

The luxury of owning an outdoor TV enclosure is that it saves you money, in the short-term and the long-term. The immediate benefit of buying an enclosure is that there’s no need to dispose of your current TV because a protective unit can accommodate virtually any mainstream screen presently available on the market.

Long-term an enclosure can last for 10 years or more, but if your TV stops working you don’t have to replace the enclosure, you can use it again to house another TV.

However, in the event of a dedicated outdoor TV breaking down, you have to pay an engineer to come out and repair it or buy a brand new one, which can be a costly hobby.

Dedicated outdoor TV – an inherent flaw

While a dedicated outdoor TV offers virtually every benefit that an outdoor TV enclosure provides – i.e. protection from weather conditions and overheating – there’s one fundamental flaw!

They’re at risk of being stolen because they have no form of protection. While they’re effective against the elements, they’re vulnerable to thieves. The fact that outdoor TVs are simply screens mounted on a wall makes them a target of theft.

It has been known for homeowners to purchase a dedicated outdoor TV and post a photo on social media. They then go away on holiday and return two weeks later to find the TV gone, and what was an innocent photo on the homeowner’s part, turns out to be an ‘opportunity’ on someone else’s.

Not only has the homeowner’s outdoor TV disappeared, if it’s not covered by insurance, there’s the cost to replace it.

Then there’s the time spent having to give police statements and if you do have insurance there’s the hassle of having to go through the claims process. However, all this can be avoided with an outdoor LCD enclosure.

Are you looking at your exposed, outdoor TV right now? Then consider who else might be looking at it with ulterior motives. Act now before it’s too late!

Already own a dedicated outdoor TV?

If you have a dedicated outdoor TV in your backyard, an outdoor TV enclosure can compensate for its weakness.

Outdoor TV enclosure

‘Affordable, secure & long-lasting, the Armagard Outdoor TV enclosure offers an alternative to, and protection for, dedicated outdoor TVs.’

A combination of solid construction, weather resistant features and various security devices make Armagard outdoor TV enclosures the premium product of choice for outdoor TV protection.

You can choose from new and classic design enclosure concepts that are proven to deliver safe and effective results, providing an excellent standard of protection and security for outdoor TV displays.

Our most popular outdoor TV enclosure solutions are found in our PDS range. Click PDS Series now to view the range – PDS Series.

Choose Your Ideal Outdoor TV Enclosure Today…

Armagard outdoor TV enclosures are delivered fully assembled, are easy to install and ready for immediate use.

We’re the elite name in our industry, trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to provide products suited to their requirements.

We protect equipment worldwide with a value exceeding £4 billion. Therefore, you have no need to look elsewhere for outdoor TV protection, we have everything you need.

Choose your Outdoor TV enclosure at www.armagard.com and call to order on 1-866-434-0807.

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