KABOOM!!! 5 Ways To Destroy Digital Signage. Plus, a Few Digital Signage Enclosure Solutions

Digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, urge you to find out why digital signage protection is no joke. Revealed – 5 factors that can put the killer kibosh on your exposed digital signage.

Here at Armagard, we like to take the testing of our digital signage enclosures to the extreme to emphasize our point about digital signage protection.

We outdoor water test and also heat and freeze our digital signage enclosures using our very own, on-site environmental testing chamber, which can reach temperatures as low as -40oC and up to 100oC.

There’s a reason for it 

Did you know? Arguably the most expensive TV ever sold was the Stuart Hughes, Supreme Rose Edition, Prestige HD, 55-inch, 1080p model, sold for a whopping $2.26 million dollars.

That’s eye-watering enough, but imagine someone wanted to put that TV outside as a digital signage display, without any form of protection. Eyes would be watering in a different way, because once the weather, insects & vandals had finished with it the only thing it might be worth is money for parts.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying you’ve got a $2.26 million TV stashed away ready to use as a digital signage display. However, that screen you’ve invested in for your digital advertising is worth something to you.

Let’s put it in perspective. That screen costs you more if damaged, broken or stolen than it does if you invest in protection. The reason we invest so much time in perfecting our digital signage enclosure solutions is because we care about protecting your investment.

The 5 deadly digital signage destroyers

If you choose to take the risk of leaving your digital signage display exposed, firstly, don’t say we didn’t warn you. Secondly, here are the 5 most likely factors that will destroy your digital signage dream…

In 1st place – The Weather

It’s a lot for an exposed digital signage display to battle against if left unprotected. Rain, sun, snow, ice and wind are all likely to inflict damage throughout various stages of the year.

Digital Signage Enclosure

‘The Armagard LCD digital signage enclosure protects displays whatever the weather.’

The consequences of leaving your digital signage display exposed to the elements is one hefty repair or replacement bill, and leaves you with a lot of explaining to do with the boss, who entrusted you with installing that expensive digital signage network.

2nd place is awarded to – Overheating

No! TV screens left exposed to the sun or other forms of extreme heat do not get a tan, we can assure you. Instead, screens overheat because there’s no way to regulate the temperature to which the screen is exposed. Inevitably the screen will simply cease to work, leaving you without a display, out of pocket and with more explaining to do.

Thankfully, the new, Armagard sunlight readable digital signage range is equipped to cope with extreme heat. Featuring the unique plenum chambers system and air-conditioning, although the external temperature is hotting up, internally screens are protected in temperatures reaching as high as +55oC.

Tip: Read Armagard’sFour Ways To Cool AV In Outdoor Environments article.

3rd place goes to – Freezing 

Yes, leaving a TV screen exposed to freezing temperatures will do damage, not only to the screen, but also the components within the TV. How do we know? We’ve tried it… Whilst there aren’t many places on earth with temperatures that plummet below -40oC, if you happen to be located in such an environment at least you know your screen’s protected if it’s surrounded by an Armagard LCD enclosure.

Digital Signage Enclosure

‘The Armagard PDS-24” being freeze tested.’

In 4th place – Insects

These pesky little critters will crawl into any place your TV has a crevice, and that’s a lot of crevices if it is left exposed. They will make it their home and in time your outdoor TV will become little more than a nest. Flies, bees, wasps, spiders and all other creepy crawlies are best left making their appearance on TV through wildlife programmes, wouldn’t you agree?

All Armagard digital signage enclosure solutions are expertly sealed to ensure a ‘no-go zone’ for insects. Sealed to various IP/NEMA industry standards, the risk of insect infiltration is reduced considerably…

Last, but not least, the 5th placed finisher – Vandalism & Theft

It’s a phenomenon, we don’t know why. If you set up a digital signage display and leave it exposed, for some, the temptation is just too much. Graffiti, screen damage and screen disappearance are a common occurrence if there’s no deterrent. Your screen needs security, there’s no other way around it.

Want to win the war against vandals and thieves? An Armagard digital signage enclosure is the only solution you need. We can only imagine how annoyed you would be, and we imagine there would be some expletives, to roll up one day to check your display, only to find a TV shaped hole where your display used to be.

For the cost of paying protection, here’s what you would avoid:

  • Repair/replacement costs
  • Time-wasting police statements
  • Time wasting insurance phone calls
  • Potential revenue lost due to an ‘out-of-action’ display
  • Brand damage

Heed the warning, consider a digital signage enclosure   

Don’t send your digital signage to its doom, especially when we’re giving you a solution. The solution is Armagard. We’re respected in our industry, as award-winners, and there’s a saying in our sector ‘Get me an Armagard.’

With multiple solutions available, equipped with features to combat the five digital signage destroyers, your digital signage equipment is in safe hands.

With 5-year warranty coverage for mechanical parts and 1 year for electrical components, complete with a FREE to access product support forum, investment is no risk – visit www.armagard.com  and select your solution.

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