LCD Enclosures

Product Code: PDS-L-series

LCD Enclosure

LCD Enclosure | PDS-L-series [product image]

LCD enclosure line, enclosures to accommodate a large variety of commercial LCD displays, ranging from 19 to 72 inches.

Outdoor TV Enclosure

Outdoor TV Enclosure | PDS Series [product image]

Outdoor TV Enclosure - designed to safeguard against the weather, insects, vandalism and theft. The most safe & secure outdoor TV enclosure on the market, available to you.

Product Code: PDS-Series-US

New Product! Touch screen digital signage

Digital signage touch screen | PDS Series [product image]

Touch screen digital signage - Protecting against collisions, particle ingress and sealed to IP54.

Product Code: PDS-W-P-US

New Product! Portrait flat panel enclosure

Portrait flat panel enclosure | PDS-W-P-UK

Portrait flat panel enclosure for indoor and outdoor use for digital advertising and information boards.

Product Code: PDS-24-W-L-US

LCD Monitor Enclosure

LCD Monitor Enclosure | PDS-24 [product image]

For screen sizes from 19" to 24" the PDS-24 Monitor enclosure protects your computer monitor or small TV in outdoor or harsh industrial environments.

Product Code: PSS-42-W-L

TV Screen Protector

TV Screen Protector | PSS-42-W-L

Indoor TV Screen protector protecting 42" + 80" LCD televisions and monitors from high velocity force and Vandal attack.

Product Code: SDS-W-L

Waterproof LCD Enclosure

Waterproof LCD enclosure | SDS-W-L-UK

Outdoor Waterproof LCD Enclosure 42" professional LCD display protection. IP56 rated, outdoor compatible & up to 10 year lifespan.

Product Code: SDS-24-US

Waterproof monitor enclosure

Waterproof Monitor enclosure | SDS-24-W-L

Waterproof monitor enclosure IP56 protection for LCD monitors up to 24". Customisable, ideal for industrial facilities & 5 year warranty.

Product Code: PDS-P-series

Plasma Enclosure

Plasma Enclosure | PDS-P-series [product image]

Plasma enclosure line, enclosures to accommodate a wide range of commercial plasma displays, ranging from 19 to 72 inches.

Need a Custom LCD Enclosure design? We have it covered for outdoor, public or industrial environments.

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