Defending Outdoor Screens with a TV Screen Protector

TV screen protectors are a rugged enclosure, housing standard LCD or plasma screens. Many outdoor screens are in public areas, and so are vulnerable to impacts, wither accidental or deliberate. Often made from steel with shatterproof screens, a TV screen protector is rugged enough to defend from even the most tenacious vandal, ensuring the internal screen can’t be damaged.

A Backyard TV on a Budget with an Outdoor TV Cabinet

The big advantage in using an outdoor TV cabinet is that it enables standard TVs to be taken outdoors. Not only does this have cost savings, as conventional indoor TVs cost a lot less than outdoor TVs, but also it gives you the flexibility to use whatever size or make of TV you like.

Outdoor Display Protection with an LED Enclosure

Traditionally, LED technology has been the use of light emitting diodes to create a video image. Often seen in big screens around stadiums, music festivals and other outdoor areas, an outdoor LED enclosure usually protects the LED array from the elements. However, the use of LED screens in such locations is dwindling as modern LCD screens are beginning to be made just as large, but LED technology is not going away.

Coping with Contamination with an Industrial Touch Screen

The industrial touch screen computer has become a stalwart for industry. Due to the demands of a shop floor environment, an industrial PC touch screen device is the only way to control processes and machinery safely and reliably in an industrial environment.

A TV Screen Protector for Outdoor Environments

If you want to watch TV outdoors, the effects of weather and temperature can make life difficult. Standard LCD or plasma TV screens can’t cope with the variety of elements that an outdoor environment throws at them. Fortunately, a TV screen protector provides a simple but effective way of using a standard TV device in an outdoor environment, protecting it from the weather, temperature and other hazards.

PDS Range – Maximising Return on Investment

One of the biggest challenges of installing an outdoor digital signage screen is calculating the total cost of the investment compared to the benefits it may offer.

Coping with Wash Down and Water – Waterproof Monitor Enclosure

Waterproof monitor enclosures turn any standard LCD screen into a waterproof LCD monitor, enabling its use in wet and wash down environments. This provides a high level of flexibility, as it permits the use of almost any make, model or size of LCD screen to be used in such an environment.

Retail Digital Signage that Customers Really Notice

While it’s common for larger chain stores to have some form of digital signage network, even smaller retail outlets can benefit from a digital advertising system. From small stores to chains, digital signage can help improve service, boost customer experience and drive sales.

Making the Right Outdoor Screen Choice

Getting a screen noticed outside is no easy feat. Outdoor environments are full of distractions, and compared to indoor areas, outdoor screens have to work much harder to get noticed. Whether an outdoor screen is providing advertising, information or branding, it has to cope with all sorts of competition for people’s attention. Storefront displays, static […]


A Touch Screen Industrial PC for Shop Floor Computing

Using computers in a shop floor environment can be challenging. In many industrial type locations, the dust and liquids caused by shop floor processes can make using a standard PC impossible. A touch screen industrial PC provides a simple interactive interface ideal for the rugged operations of a busy shop floor.