Protective Environments for Your Computer Hardware

Increase the lifespan of your computers, monitors, printers, servers, and screens. Enjoy longer use and greater reliability with equipment in dusty, wet, or corrosive locations.

LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosure [image]

Enclosures to house your LCD or Plasma screens ranging from 24 to 75 inches

Waterproof Enclosures

Waterproof PC enclosure [image]

NEMA 4X rated enclosures provide protection in washdown or wet areas.

Sunlight Readable Digital Signage

Sunlight Readable Digital Signage [image]

For screen protection against the damaging effects of sunlight.

Intrinsically Safe Enclosures

Intrinsically safe enclosure [image]

Zone 2 compliant enclosures for use in explosion risk areas

Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital Signage Enclosure[image]

Floor standing digital enclosures can be used indoors or out.

Printer Enclosures

Printer enclosure [image]

Dustproof & waterproof protection for printers.

Outdoor digital signage

Outdoor digital signage

Menu boards and digital displays for outdoor, public, or industrial environments.

Industrial Computers

Industrial touch panel computer [image]

Durable and reliable industrial computers & touch panel PCs

Touchscreen Enclosures

NEMA 4X touch screen enclosure [image]

Computer enclosures with integrated touch screen monitors.

NEMA 4 Industrial Enclosures

 NEMA 4 Industrial Computer Enclosure [image]

NEMA 4 rated enclosures for protection in dust-filled environments.

Digital Drive Thru
Menu Boards

Drive Thru Digital Signage[image]

Boost fast food sales by 3-8% with Armagard drive thru digital signage.

Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard and Mouse [image]

NEMA 4 & 4X keyboard and mouse options work with any Armagard enclosure.

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Outdoor digital signage and advertising enclosure [small image]

Outdoor Digital Signage

Freestanding enclosures for outdoor advertising.

LCD monitor enclosure

LCD monitor enclosure

Protective enclosures that fit your LCD monitors ranging in size from 17 to 24 inches.

LCD enclosure

LCD Enclosure

Protective enclosures accommodate LCD screens sized from 24 to 75 inches.

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure

Stainless Steel PC Enclosure

Waterproof computer enclosures provide protection in light wash or wipe down environments.

computer enclosure

Computer Enclosure

All-in-one computer enclosures safeguard against dust, grease, physical impacts, and theft.

Industrial Mild Steel Printer Enclosure

Mild-steel printer enclosure

Enclosures improve the safety and reliability of printers used in factories and other industrial environments.

PC enclosure

Compact PC enclosure

PC enclosures protect TFT screens and standard desktop or tower PCs in harsh industrial locations.

Slim line Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

Slim line intrinsically safe enclosure

These enclosures are a space-saving way to safeguard computers in Zone 2 environments.

Keyboard & Mouse options

Keyboard & Mouse Options

Integrated or stand alone keyboard & mouse options that work with any Armagard enclosure.

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Digital signage touch screen

Digital signage touch screen

For touch screen digital advertising displays and enclosures.

Waterproof LCD Enclosure

Waterproof LCD Enclosure

For 42" computers and widescreen monitors.

indoor advertising display [small image]

Indoor Advertising Display

Attention-grabbing retail totems for indoor advertising.

Compact Waterproof Computer Enclosure

TFT waterproof enclosure

Waterproof enclosures designed to house your thin client PCs and TFT screens up to 17 inches.

Waterproof Touch Screen Monitor Enclosure

Waterproof Touch Screen

17 inch TFT touch screen monitors enclosed in stainless steel outer shells, for use in wet or hostile locations.

Waterproof floor standing printer enclosure

Floor standing printer enclosure

Stainless steel enclosures enable reliable printer use in wet, washdown, or other harsh environments.

Computer Cabinet

Computer Cabinet

Compact all-in-one computer cabinets safeguard your PC, monitor, and keyboard in industrial areas.

Industrial Touch Screen Enclosure

Industrial Touch Screen Enclosure

NEMA 4 enclosures with integrated touch screens protect your desktop or tower PCs in dusty or dirty environments.

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Portrait flat panel enclosure

Portrait flat panel enclosure

For digital advertising displays and menu boards.

Waterproof montior enclosure [small image]

Waterproof monitor enclosure

Protecting up to 24" monitors and TVs in wet environments.

Industrial Computer Enclosure [small image]

Industrial Computer Enclosure

For computers and widescreen monitors up to 22".

Waterproof Enclosure with integrated Touch screen Monitor

Waterproof Touch Screen Enclosures

Waterproof touch screen enclosures with integrated 17 inch TFT touch screens sealed to NEMA 4X.

Air tight computer enclosure

Air tight computer enclosure

Restricted breathing enclosures designed for clean rooms, laboratories, and pharmaceutical locations.

Heated Printer Enclosure

Heated printer enclosure

Thermostatically controlled heated enclosures for printers used in deep freeze (-22°F) environments.

High Security Computer Enclosure

High Security Enclosure

High-security enclosures safeguard standard-sized desktops or tower PCs in dusty or dirty industrial areas.

Industrial Touch screen Monitor

Industrial touch screen monitor

Touch screen monitor enclosures protect your TFT screens in harsh industrial locations.

TV Screen Protector

TV Screen Protector

To safeguard 42" LCD televisions and monitors indoors.

Touch screen industrial PC [small image]

Touch screen industrial PC

Safe enclosures incorporating a 22" widescreen touch screen monitor.

Waterproof computer enclosure

Waterproof computer enclosure

Slim line waterproof enclosures protect desktop or tower PCs and TFT screens up to 19 inches.

Waterproof printer enclosure

Waterproof printer enclosure

NEMA 4X rated printer protection provides safe and reliable printer use in wet or washdown areas.

Waterproof PC enclosure

Waterproof PC enclosure

NEMA 4X rated enclosures to protect PC systems in food processing, washdown, or corrosive environments.

Floor Standing Printer Enclosure

Printer Enclosure

Enclosures improve the safety and reliability of printers used in factories, stores, and other industrial locations.

Intrinsically Safe Enclosure

Intrinsically safe enclosure

Zone 2/ATEX (European Designation) rated enclosures are an alternative to air purged computer systems for protection in explosive areas.

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet

Waterproof Rack Mount Cabinet

NEMA 4X rated, floor standing 19 inch rack mount cabinets with maximum capacity of 18U.

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